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Tiger Den Bar

Friendly and popular beach bar. Cocktails and a happy hour as well as live sport.

Massage Service

As with all of Thailand, massage on Koh Chang island Thailand is hugely popular and for many visitors, an integral and essential part of the whole holiday experience.

Great Beach

White sand beach is Koh Chang’s first beach in other ways, too. Sai Khao has more accommodations that any other beach, by far. It has the biggest commercial centre with more banks, ATMs, travel businesses, traffic and just about everything else here, even including the first small entertainment and bar scene with hostesses.

Street Food

It’s fast food. Something you can order and eat quickly on the spot or grab and take home.  This includes all manner of dishes from noodles or rice and curry; to fried snacks; to meats on sticks; or fruits and drinks of Koh Chang island Thailand.

Outdoor Activity

Things to do in Koh Chang island Thailandrange from diving to snorkeling, swimming with elephants to jungle trekking, cookery schools to visiting the waterfalls and plenty more besides. Indeed, there are enough activities to meet the needs of even the most demanding of visitor to the island, so there’s no excuse for just lazing in a hammock or lying on the beach while you are here.

Enjoy nightlife

Koh Chang island Thailand offers not only fun and frolic in the sea, on the beach and under the sun. Another type of fun and night entertainment awaits visitors to the island as soon as the sun begins to sink in the Gulf of Thailand. Many beaches on Koh Chang has sufficient resource of hot night spots, ranging from intimate cafes, cool pubs and ending with the bright beach and beer bars.


White Sand beach has has a dense concentration of small shops selling cheap beach clothing, flip-flops, sunglasses, T-shirts, CD and DVD, paintings and souvenirs with symbols of Koh Chang island Thailand.

Sangaroon Bungalow Koh Chang

Sangaroon Bungalow Koh Chang island Thailand about us.

Sangaroon Bungalow is located on koh chang island thailand and beautiful sandy “White Sand Beaches” and in walking distance to the shopping areas. Along our natural garden scenery with cozy atmosphere. Stay overnight at reasonable price.

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